The Chalk Wall

I had a lot of topics I wanted to discuss this week, but I think in order to do anything justice I ought to not get ahead of myself. I thought about uni, the success of other people I know, my future, my health, my writing. But I landed on something closer to home: my home. Three years ago I never thought there could be anything as familiar as my hometown. I never knew I would meet anyone I could get as close to as my high school friends – not that I held dearly to my high school friends (there are only three of four I truly enjoy the company of). I never considered that Kensington, a suburb I had never visited prior, could ever make me feel stable or at home, or that I could find a city familiar. Sydney always seemed abrasive, and university always felt bigger than me. Now I’m sitting in my boyfriends’ lounge room, with him and his roommates, with my roommate Georgia down the hall with her boyfriend – and we are a group of unlikely people that just click. We are our own under-nourished, caffeine addicted, goon drinking, change scrounging, weary eyed “academics” that the world is meant to rely on for its future. What were once the downtrodden dweebs or ne’er do wells of high school are now studying Public Relations, Media and Advertising, Engineering, Photonic Engineering, International Relations, Commerce, and Computer Science. One of us is even moving to Seattle to work for Microsoft. We sit around and argue with each other over Q and A topics, and do late night Coles shopping together. We climb fences and run around on campus drunk, and we collectively hate first years.

In 2010 I said goodbye – quite eagerly – to my high school peers, and across the three years it’s taken for me to decide what to do with my life, I landed amongst a pretty great group of people. We miss each other when one of us goes home for too long, and we can’t watch Sons of Anarchy, Adventure Time, or Game of Thrones without making sure that we’re all ready to watch it as a group. Now its 2014 and we are like a little dysfunctional family.

It seems fitting that I allot my life into chapters. There was primary school, high school, my undergraduate degree at UNSW, and while it’s been fun, and I’ve been in denial of moving on to the next chapter, it needs to happen. We are reluctantly becoming aware that our lives are not going to play out like How I Met Your Mother. One of us wants to move to Canada, the other is moving to Seattle. The thought that we might have to leave each other behind to chase our careers is growing larger in our minds. With that said, I’ve been accepted into a Masters of Journalism at both the University of Technology, and Monash University. And while we wait for university admin offices and employers to respond to our applications, we’re all pretty happy to bask in one of the best chapters we’ve had yet. And we call it the Chalk Wall.


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