It’s me again.

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote for leisure. The last time I wrote I was functioning under a different name, with a different purpose, and a different audience. I suppose I should start by explaining why I stopped. For some time I’ve been ploughing through an Arts degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. I majored in English because it was what I was good at in high school. Now I’m almost 22-years-old and I still haven’t landed on what I’m supposed to do next. The plan was:

  1. Year 12
  2. University
  3. Some miraculous act of academia tastefully mixed with workplace networking that would land me a job in an industry I would no doubt have decided on by the time we all hit 2014.

I started stressing and decided to focus solely on my degree. So here I am, trying to squeeze in the last courses of my Arts degree so I can get into ANOTHER DEGREE! More specifically Masters of Communication and Journalism. This brings me to my next point: why I’ve created a new blog. I realize that in order to further myself in an industry of travel photographers, Instagrammers, Tweet celebrities, vloggers, and food/fashion bloggers, I need to run with the wolves. My previous blog, ‘Smart, Fabulous, and Broke’ was aimed at the ups and downs of a university student on an income of < $200 a fortnight. I realized that these topics limited me to things that I perhaps didn’t always want to write about. Sometimes I want to write about politics, worldly news, travel, food, music, fashion, and moreover just things that influence, interest, and stir me enough into writing. These are the things I want to share. I want to see what following I can create through sharing my own opinions, and what kind of conversations I can spark through the things that I write through this platform.

So, to avoid making this opening post any longer by ranting, please follow Lou-Lou on Life, please join in and comment, say what you feel, dare to disagree. I will be posting on things that inspire, anger, and interest me, and if there is anything that you want to hear an opinion on, let me know. Reading increases your attention span, so congrats if you made it this far!

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I’ll see you soon.